Winnipeg is My Resolution

Resolution 2016 – I resolve to become reacquainted with my city

2016 has arrived, bringing the annual resolution debate with it. Most people seem to fall onto one side or the other; making a resolution or being a non-believer who scoffs at resolutions. Embarrassingly enough, I make resolutions every year only to completely forget what they are by mid-January.

In the spirit of this blog and knowing that Winnipeg is in a state of constant change and growth, my 2016 resolution is to try a new Winnipeg activity and a new Winnipeg venue each month. The end goal being biweekly blog posts to discuss my Winnipeg adventures. When I first moved to the city, I adventured around the city to different neighbourhoods for the sake of exploration. Like most people, over time I find myself in a comfort zone with my favorite restaurants, pubs, activities, most of which are conveniently located close to home. Throughout the year I would like to check out new places in different neighbourhoods.  2016 will be the year I find my new Winnipeg.

Do you have a Winnipeg resolution?

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