Skate City

Hockey Under the Bridge

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Hallelujah. Praise your respective deity. The crisis has been averted. The River Trail at the Forks has opened. 1 km of it anyway. With the mild winter there was some concern that the River Trail would be unusable this year. The very thought of this was unacceptable. The warming huts sat unused! RAW: Almond was forced onto land like a regular restaurant! These mild temperatures will not stand!

Collectively our winter experience is important and there are some key aspects including outdoor skating. Skating in Winnipeg is a social affair and the Forks is the hub. When I moved to Winnipeg, I didn’t realize this was a thing. Skating in the country is a big part of winter life, but we would go to the local indoor arena. There was no outdoor rink and no groomed river. Between hockey, ringette, figure skating etc. apparently you can’t just show up to your local indoor arena with your skates and hop on the ice at a time of your own choosing.

I’m beginning to understand Winnipeg’s love for outdoor skating. For me it started in 2008 when I rented skates and headed to the Forks to see what all the fuss was about. Since that day, I haven’t stopped going. Without fail the Forks is always a great time. This is our community at its best. Everyone is welcome here. From the wobbliest beginner to the most confident hockey player, first time tourists to seasoned veterans, everyone can enjoy without pressure or expectation.

Since then I’ve bought my own skates and I’m working on my skills. Namely stopping.

What’s your skating story?


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