Been Spending Most My Life Living in a Foodie Paradise

I have a problem. It’s called food. It is a wonderful, delicious, expensive blessing that Winnipeg has such a high number of restaurants per capita. The choices are almost overwhelming when it comes to dining out. Except to me, it’s more like the gauntlet has been thrown and the challenge accepted. I’m going to be totally honest here, I work to eat.

After weeping over my last bank account statement, I read a CBC article about Canadians continually spending more on dining out. My masochistic tendencies led me to click the devil button unleashing the predictable torrent of comments.  If these folks are to be believed (they’re not), your friendly neighbourhood commenter casually whips up gourmet yet affordable meals, while entertaining a steady stream of people in and out of their houses which also happen to have a nicer ambiance than any “professional establishment.”

I reflected over the previous 7 days and the tally added up pretty quickly. Ok so Infernos, Massawa, Stella’s, The Grove (that was drinks and appetizers, does that count?), Sabbai Thai. Oh and I had a coffee at Little Sister. Yep, I went out for dinner 5 times in a 7 day period. I’m afraid to say the week before was more of the same. The truth is food is the basis of my social life. It introduces interest in my daily life. There is always a new restaurant or pub opening. The chefs and restaurateurs creating these places are limitless in their creativity. And I love dining out for the simple reason that when you sit down with someone, the focus is on the food and the company. Provided you can put your phone down, it can be a very present and humanizing experience.

I feel lucky that we live in such a vibrant foodie community. No matter your budget or taste, there is a culinary adventure around every corner. I refuse to feel badly about partaking in something that gives me so much joy. And as for all those CBC commenters, the next time you recreate the sushi masterpieces of Wasabi Sabi, cook Massawa’s delicious injera and yellow split pea curry, or make an apricot vanilla crème brulee, please invite me over.  Until then I’ll be sipping my Manitoba Apple Whiskey at the Grove.


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