It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Springtime!

Thin Ice

I am chronically forgetful. I will leave anything anywhere. Leather jackets in restaurants, sunglasses in cars, passports in strange countries. “Is this yours?” is standard farewell when I’m leaving anyone’s house. You name it, I’ve forgotten it. Last week while having a drink at Stella’s Grant,  I had a classic “I forgot my wallet” moment. My friend Jess graciously covered the bill and eventually I recovered my wallet from a grocery store. Crisis averted. I was thinking about how this forgetfulness goes beyond material items. Now that we’re well into March, we’ve been getting a sneak peek of spring. Spring makes me remember all kinds of things I forget every year. How warm the sun feels on my face. The lightness of being without parkas, mitts and boots. The simplicity of getting out the door without layering up. The absence of these experiences makes the first days of spring so exciting.

I’ve never lived somewhere that didn’t have 4 seasons and the very concept is strange. Our seasonal shift forces us into re-evaluating our everyday life. Activities, clothing, diet, what we drive, where and how we eat are affected. As a result, our lifestyle is never the same for long. The constant change not only keeps us from sinking into dull routine, but also forces us to appreciate every minute because we know how temporary it is. Beyond ourselves, our entire city transforms before us. Perhaps in a less treed city, it would be less striking. In our city, spring starts out as a brown and puddle-filled mess. Once the snow is gone and the water dries up, we are suddenly blessed with a new reality of colour, noise, and freshness. Now all we have to do is stay dry until we get there.





  1. Jess · March 19, 2016

    I got a cameo in the blog! Dinner in your company is worth it 🙂


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