Another Lost Weekend

As I’m writing this (it’s Monday), I’m in rough shape. I’m not too proud to admit that I spent almost all of Sunday on the couch because my entire body hurt. I drank water. I sipped Gatorade. I summoned up the strength to shower. I did not go near a pair of real pants. I made it to work today, but not without attracting my coworkers’ attention. Some sympathetic comments, but mostly mockery. I’m almost 30 and here I am. How can I not know my limits by  now? It’s all fun and games and then BAM. Days spent recovering.

Yep. You guessed it. I worked out. Hard. Saturday was boxing bootcamp at the United Boxing Club. Sunday morning I ran 6.6 miles as part of the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon. As a result, I can’t fully extend my arms. Climbing the half stair to the washroom is like scaling Machu Picchu. Coming down the stairs is even worse. At this point I am seriously considering installing one of those mechanical seats that slide you up and down. A fit 90 year old nearly ran me over with her walker as I shuffled  down the sidewalk. Every muscle in my body hurts and in weird places, like the crooks of my elbows.Who knew that coughing and sneezing could be so unpleasant.

Truthfully, I’m not a gifted athlete. See the Accept & Ski post for proof. I’ve never been the fastest or the strongest. I don’t love the gym or getting sweaty. I have almost zero competitive drive. But I feel good when I move. After a few months of non-movement, I get itchy to exercise. Back in February, I signed up with a coworker to run the WPS Half-Marathon relay. I was not feeling keen on it,but signed up anyway. I’m really happy that I did. There is something so amazing about taking part in a marathon event. If you want to experience a feeling of community – sign up for a run. You can always walk if running isn’t your thing. It is one of the most positive ways to experience our community. The number of residents who wake up early and spend their entire morning to cheer each runner is inspiring.  The volunteers who fill countless cups of Gatorade and water are godsends. The planning and organizing that creates safe routes for runners enable us to see the city in ways that are normally inaccessible. Despite the stiffness and the soreness, it was totally worth it. The Manitoba Marathon is coming up in June and I think it’s calling your name.



  1. Jessica · May 4, 2016

    I didn’t know you ran a half marathon! Congratulations! Terrible idea though. Pain is what you get for being active.


    • winnipegishere · May 4, 2016

      Thank you 😊 It was only a half of a half marathon. A quarter marathon?


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