Fall First

Today I was looking through flyers trying to figure out what store had my favorite frozen pizza on sale when I saw it. A Halloween candy sale. I closed the flyer pretending it never happened. Unfortunately what has been seen cannot be unseen. Even though you know it’s coming, there is still the moment of denial  when it does. It can’t be that time of year again.

These last weeks are a drawn out traumatic affair. By mid-August, everyone sinks into poorly concealed desperation. You can hear underlying dread in casual comments about earlier sunsets and cooler nights. Secretly we wonder if living under a Trump presidency or Mexican drug lords might be a bit of a treat compared to winter. No other seasonal shift causes this much anguish. There are just so many things ending. Lake season winds down. Holidays are over. Patios get packed away. And  oh. Do you hear that? The honking, not of traffic, but of geese. Even the animals don’t stick around because they know what’s coming.

Fall is a nice in-between season that gets overlooked because of two unfortunate features; it’s short and it precludes winter. So much so, that the way some people talk about it as if summer turns directly into winter. Every time I mention the school year or early nights, someone is there to whisper “Winter is coming” in my ear. Let’s just hold off for a minute. Summer isn’t technically over until September 22nd. And the daytime won’t be shorter than the nighttime until after September 22nd. Even then, it starts off gradual. It’s not until Daylight Savings time ends that it really gets dark early. And that’s not until November 6th. We should train ourselves to look forward to Autumn because it’s a really lovely season. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they dislike it. People regularly hate spring (too messy), summer (too hot), and winter (too cold). Autumn is the best of all worlds. There are no bugs tormenting us. The temperature is perfect for walking and outdoor activities in general. We get stunning displays of colourful leaves. We finally have a chance to wear the nice ‘cold weather‘ clothes like booties, leather jackets and insulated vests instead of actual winter clothes. My favorite part of fall is actually wanting to cook again. Comfort foods like stews, soups, crisps, and pumpkin everything sounds so good. There is so much to enjoy so between now and November 6th, let’s put winter out of our minds. By the time that dreaded day rolls around, we might be so full of pumpkin spice that we won’t even mind.

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