Signs of Autumn

Last week I switched the heat on in the car. Did anyone else notice that sudden chill in the air? It happened so fast. It was 33°C one day and then the air got a little crisp. I also saw a gaggle of geese flying in a v formation. It was one of those moments when time slows down. All I could hear as their honking grew fainter was my own voice saying “Noooo, it’s too soon!” Luckily it seems that it was only a brief preview and August warmth has returned.

And yet, there are other approaching signs of the inevitability of autumn. Everyone is heading back to school. Or it seems like it anyway.  I kind of miss going back to school, especially university. I always felt pumped about at least one course that I would be taking. That may be nostalgia talking though,  because when I did go back to school, it was horrible. The stress.. the late night cramming… the poverty. Hmm. Anyway at this point, all back to school means for me is no sleeping in on work days. Regular rush hour traffic is back. See you next June, snooze button.

It’s around this time of year that my kitchen starts to interest me again. I hate cooking in the summer. Between May and August, food needs to be served either cold or grilled to sound appealing. The majority of our summer dinners are salads or charcuterie boards. As soon as squashes start to make their appearance though, stews and casseroles suddenly sound so good again. I’ve already started to bookmark recipes from my favorite recipe blogs so that I can get back into meal planning. If you’re like me and love to browse recipes, you might be interested in another local blog called Peppers and Pennies. How delicious does this cheddar ale soup look?

Or if you’re still not in cooking mode yet, consider tickets to a fall supper in the country. It’s a good opportunity to get on the highway and see some of the beautiful fall foliage while also getting back into some comfort food. Not interested in driving out to the country? You can also find a list of fall suppers within the perimeter here.

Either way, food is definitely the best way to ease yourself into a new season. What is your favorite part of autumn to look forward to?



  1. pepperspennies · August 31, 2017

    Thank you so very much for sharing my blog and my recipe for Cheddar Ale Soup! I used Half Pint’s Bulldog Amber Ale in this soup and it was so hearty and warm, I am almost eager for Fall just thinking about it!


    • winnipegishere · August 31, 2017

      When I saw the recipe I knew it would be a ‘must try’ for this fall. I’ll try it with the HP amber
      and insta it!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment 😊


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