I’m passionate about a lot of topics and Winnipeg, my adopted city, is one of them.  This blog comes from a desire to actively engage in local discourse.

Winnipeg inspires me. Looking at this city’s past, present, and future – I always feel hopeful. Winnipeg seems to be in a perpetual state of if. There are always bigger and better things on the horizon if we can just get there.  Often shortsightedness and our notorious stinginess bring us to never fully realizing our potential.

For a host of reasons, Winnipeg is unassuming and frankly insecure. Once you start to buy into the disparagement, its easy to lose sight of all the perks. From Canadian culture, major Canadian historical events and figures, to intense local sports pride and a surprisingly varied foodie scene. I want this to be a place for Winnipeg to get credit for what it is and what it has.

Winnipeg matters. Winnipeg is relevant. Winnipeg is here.



  1. randinowickirmt · March 12, 2016

    Your blog is so relatable. I had been wanting to write about things like these for years but didn’t believe anyone would take interest anyway (people think I’m crazy when I talk about how much I love Winnipeg). It’s so great to find others who feels the same. I look forward to hearing more.


    • winnipegishere · March 18, 2016

      Thank you for your comment Randi! I feel like we’re all in this together. With a positive attitude, Winnipeg could be an even more amazing community than it already is!

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